At Jesshill Consulting, we are committed to helping our clients make discoveries of actionable insights on their pressing business issues. We seek to address the most complex and interesting opportunities which are imperative to business success. Our business advisory team develop innovative solutions for specific client business needs. Our main objective of offering business advisory services is to bring more focus to value propositions. We create value for our clients to enable them the opportunity to thrive in a competitive business landscape. Our services can support you wherever you are — whether you’re looking at a transaction to propel you forward, focusing on developing and implementing the right controls to mitigate risk, or advancing your company’s finance and technology infrastructure to match your aspirations.

We deliver our advisory services in a way that ensures that value is created, protected and transformed.

Transaction services to create value

We advise new ventures (when required) for competitive advantages and business profitability through diligence, corporate finance and operations.

Business risk services to protect value:

We identify risks and advise organisations to manage and mitigate these risks through controls, regulatory compliance, and forensics and data analytics.

Business consulting & technology to transform value:

We advise optimum financial management strategy ,performance improvement strategy, technology strategies and solutions.