Six qualities of great leaders

BY Opeyemi Ojesina 2018-02-16.

1.   Focus

Great leaders are focused. They don’t major on minor things. They are selective in their approach to success. Regardless of both internal and external environmental pressures, great leaders always have their gaze on the task to be achieved


2.    Confidence


Great leaders are confident of themselves, the people they lead and have a clear vision of where they are headed. Great leaders are enthusiastic in the face of oppositions to their organisation's growth.


3.    Transparency


You can see through great leaders. They don’t form cliques. Great leaders aren’t ‘masked’. As a result of their transparency, they easily get the buy in of their team members. Team members know what they are getting all the time. There are never surprises involved


4.    Inspiration


Great leaders are driven. They have reservoir of energy for the tasks before them. When faced with challenges, they draw inner strength from their past exploits, their experiences and the confidence they’ve built over the years


5.    Empowerment


Great leaders empower others. They are not insecure. They trust their followers to do a good job all the time. They have the ability to, and indeed, duplicate themselves in the people they lead through coaching and mentoring.


6.    Great communicators


Great leaders have mastered the art of communication. Thoughts and ideas are effectively communicated by them to team members, other internal stakeholders as well as external stakeholders of the organisation.

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